Professional Real Estate Services


Deveraux is a company dedicated to provide quality property management services on Long Island and the New York Metropolitan area.

Deveraux specializes in providing unique management services to owners and investors of commercial office and industrial buildings as well as residential apartment buildings.

Deveraux assists in the acquisition of properties and provides assistance in leasing and handling of the day to day management thereafter.

Deveraux fills the niche of real estate management services with a unique “hands on” approach that combines professionalism and expertise into the day to day operations of property.

During the course of managing the properties under Deveraux’s management as well as the activities involving brokerage, renovations and improvements may need to be done. Deveraux will provide a service to oversee these renovations and improvements. These renovations will be done by outside contractors, which Deveraux will hire on behalf of the owner. This service will include establishing a scope of work to be performed, estimating the cost, recommending a contractor, obtaining the necessary permits or approvals from local agencies (excluding filing fees), providing access to the property, inspecting the renovation in progress, inspecting the completion of the renovation and paying the contractor.

Deveraux Property Management is owned and operated by Michael A. Gallo, a real estate professional with over 30 years real estate brokerage and management experience. Deveraux’s goal is to relieve property owners from the day to day responsibilities of overseeing their properties.

Deveraux provides services like: tenant screening and credit checks, lease negotiation and preparation, rental billing and rent collection, payment of all property expenses, overseeing property improvements, hiring and supervising personnel, resolution of tenant problems, removal of violations, placement of insurance, general advice as to every aspect of their properties.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our firm stands ready to respond to any and all problem calls. Years of experience have afforded Deveraux with long term business relationships with general contractors and construction managers to handle renovations large or small and emergency repairs. Our relationships with landscapers, cleaning services, electricians, plumbers, roofers, carpenters, and general handymen give you low cost, efficient property maintenance service.  In addition, we regularly inspect our properties to insure that proper maintenance repairs are being performed. Deveraux has developed a truly unique service approach that provides comprehensive all-inclusive management expertise on every level.