Professional Real Estate Services


During the course of managing the properties under Deveraux’s management as well as the activities involving brokerage, renovations and improvements may need to be done. Deveraux will provide a service to oversee these renovations and improvements. These renovations will be done by outside contractors, which Deveraux will hire on behalf of the owner. This service will include establishing a scope of work to be performed, estimating the cost, recommending a contractor, obtaining the necessary permits or approvals from local agencies (excluding filing fees), providing access to the property, inspecting the renovation in progress, inspecting the completion of the renovation and paying the contractor.


Glen Cafarella, on site Project Manager of G. Cafarella Inc., an insured Carpenter and Contractor has over 30 years of experience in commercial building construction and carpentry both interior and exterior. He started out working for larger Building Contractors and decided to go on his own about 24 years ago and he has not looked back. Please take the time to view our work at “Sample Of Our Work”. Mr. Cafarella is hands on every day at every job making sure the work gets done properly and most importantly on time.

The Director of Operations, Mr. Mauro Ricchiuti, is a professional Facilities and Construction Manager with over 35 years experience managing all types of diverse construction projects. Mr. Ricchiuti has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The combination of practical and academic construction skills is invaluable to an owner, especially in Design-Build, fast track and Construction Management projects.

Deveraux Property Management, LLC is staffed by a group of competent individuals who are most proficient in their individual tasks and responsibilities. The job cost control, purchase orders, accounts receivable and payable are fully computerized. The hands-on staff for these operations have been selected for loyalty and honesty. Their efforts are capably directed by Mr. Gallo, Mr. Cafarella and Mr. Ricchiuti.

The experience and history of Deveraux goes well beyond the time of the actual forming of Deveraux Property Management. Messrs. Gallo, Cafarella and Ricchiuti have known each other for over 20 years. They have been associated in a business relationship of one type or another for over twenty years. The various ventures involved construction projects where Mr. Gallo provided the joint venture construction projects and real estate partnerships. These projects were completed and the real estate ventures successfully terminated or sold. Over the years and through these projects, these two individuals have formed a bond and a trust that goes beyond casual friendship and business relationships. Deveraux was seeded from these business relationships that have spanned 24 years.
These two individuals have an instinctive feeling for each others talents and abilities. Deveraux is organized around the abilities and strength of these two people and the harmony with which they work together.
Mr. Gallo is a real estate professional with an extensive background in all phases of real estate brokerage and management. Hired in 1984 as the “right hand man” for a well known real estate owner and manager, he single handedly managed an extensive portfolio of apartments and stores in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens for over 6 years before moving to a larger real estate company. He finally left to manage an extensive portfolio of industrial, office and residential properties in Nassau and Suffolk counties, and provide management consulting to owners of other properties on Long Island, including a large historic church property in Manhasset.

Mr. Ricchiuti is a “nuts and bolts” field man. He is equally comfortable handling the details of a project manager or the controlled disquiet of job site supervision. He is extremely organized and strives for perfect job site coordination. Mr. Ricchiuti’s roots are in facilities management, having spent 15 years with two different firms planning, managing and coordinating, manufacturing, research and development, and support office facilities in the eastern United States and Puerto Rico.
Besides the knowledge and expertise they bring to a project, they also bring to the team the main ingredient to a successful project – Decision Making. Messrs. Gallo, Cafarella and Ricchiuti are analytical, concise and get to an objective in a direct and time efficient manner. Both gentlemen are team oriented businessmen. Their egos and self interest have always been placed second to the “team”. They understand the concept of working within the framework of joining various professional and trade disciplines for a common worthwhile goal. That is why they have worked together so successfully in the past and will continue to prosper in the future.